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Gattegno support cable grips

Gattegno Support cable grips

They are designed to take the strain of suspended ropes to enable securing of rope anchorages, and relieve the load on connections (protects against pulling away).

The dimensions of the eyes have been designed to handle a wide variety of situations and, if necessary, can be adapted to customers’ individual needs.

A range of specific terminations is available for this model, such as:

  • “U” fitting
  • “C” fitting
  • “S” fitting
  • “W” fitting 

Available in the following materials

  • Galvanized steel wire is the most common material used for “general” applications.
  • STAINLESS steel is for use in marine applications, or where conditions are humid or polluted.
  • Polyamide is for specific applications (insulation / fragile material…)

Support cable grips, under certain conditions, can be used in pulling applications (contact us).