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Cable grip safety on the job

Tips and prevention on the use of cable grips

The use and reuse of a cable grip is shall respect some important rules!

The  support must be:

  • undamaged
  • positioned as straight as possible during assembly
  • cleaned and degreased
  • the entire length of the cable grip mesh must be positioned on the support 

Reuse the cable grip may be considered if the user ensures that its mechanical integrity is preserved:

  • Absence of wire breaks and cable breaks.
  • Absence of corrosion (and beyond superficial).
  • Absence of mechanical deformation.

Disposal criteria

Strand breaks

cable grip breaking

Mechanical deformations

sable grips deformations

All areas of the cable grip are concerned: mesh, mat and loop.

Simplified description of a cable grip:

cable grips mesh specifications

Failure to follow these requirements may result in mechanical behaviors which could damage or impair the safety of equipment and/or users.

These simple suggestions that we disclose should allow the user to properly address the most frequently encountered situations. If in doubt as to the choice of a model or the mechanical condition of a GATTEGNO cable grip, our technical services are available to guide you.