Spring absorbers

Spring absorbers for cable pulling operations

Cadmium-plated steel damping springs

Find among our range of fittings accessories, shock absorber springs in quality cadmium steel and find the spring adapted to your needs and your project.

Cadmium-plated steel damping springs for cable pulling
ReferenceDesignationCompressionL (mm)D (mm)R1 (mm)R2 (mm)Breaking (daN)Weight (kg)
255 070 100Spring RES 1/2075 à 20 kg1952,35,0052250,07
255 070 101Spring RES 2/5065 à 50 kg2103,55,505,53600,12
255 070 102Spring RES 3/8065 à 80 kg3605,510,00103600,17
255 070 103Spring RES 5/15065 à 100 kg285723,5023,57001,25