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epair services for all cable pulling equipment

Cable pulling equipment maintenance

Our technical services are at your disposal to check and repair the equipment affected by the mandatory annual verifications, such as all the lifting accessories. We also are at your disposal to repair your laying and unreeling equipment.

Lifting and pulling equipment

  • Hoists
  • Wire rope winch
  • Clamps
  • Jacks
  • etc.

Our quotes are submitted for validation before any operation on your equipment. Each piece of inspected equipment is identified, cleaned up, tested and accompanied by a certificate of conformity. No repair work is done without your written consent.

Laying and unreeling equipment

  • Our maintenance department offers to fix and refurbish your fiberglass pull-wires (diameter 4,5/ 6 / 9 or 11 mm) and your hose reels.
  • Repair on EZ50, EZ100 (electrical models) or EZ300 (petrol powered) conduit blowers. You can find this equipment in our « products » section.
  • Refurbishment of your cable rollers.

Pulling winches