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Pulling cable grips by Gattegno

Gattegno Cable grips for pulling

This range of “multi-wire” cable grips has the notable feature of being able to withstand high dynamic loads. It is designed for pulling applications, such as unreeling of ropes, aerial or underground cable pulling, as well as ropes for cranes and overhead hoists.

Our wide range of Pulling Cable grips ensures that we have the solution for all situations : eyes with or without thimble, spliced model with or without thimble, model with offset eye(s), lace up model, etc..

Available in the following materials:

  • Galvanized steel wire is the most common material used for “general” applications.
  • STAINLESS steel is for use in marine applications, or where conditions are humid or polluted.
  • Polyamide is for specific applications (insulation / fragile material…)

Model with spliced eyes

Spliced eye, with its slim shape, provides excellent flexibility. A product which is ergonomic and effective, especially useful in underground pulling applications. The tight weave provides good grip on a short length.

Model with ferrule secured eyes

Swaging (ferrules in aluminium, stainless steel or copper) enables eyes to be supplied with or without thimble. For the model without thimble, eyes can be made to suit specific dimensions. This is the most popular grip in use, as it is SEEMINGLY “easy to make”. However all of these grips that are available on the market are not technically identical ! It is essential to apply the swaged termination according to strict procedures, in order to guarantee the optimum mechanical capacity.

Open ended / sleeve model 

This model is used for joining two cables – preferably electrical – of similar diameters for quick and efficient installation. The use of a single pressed cable grip is not recommended for changing ropes on cranes or overhead hoists (see reinforced double pressed cable grip).