Replacement of crane cable or bridge cable

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Changement de câble de grue ou pont

Speed and effectiveness

Maintenance of lifting equipment require high mechanical control and the right tools.
The cable grip models offered by GATTEGNO are designed in this framework. Thus, by design, they allow the absorption of torsional stresses generated by the mechanical torque of handled cables. 

Therefore, with the use of TRSB2-EMRC models, the operator obtains handling speed and efficiency, while avoiding the risks that could compromise and delay maintenance.

TRSB2-EMRC Cable grips

cable grip for crane cable replacement

Recommended use in pairs with a swivel between each cable grips.

This model allows changing cables in conditions of high mechanical stress: high cable lengths, demanding kinematic (Multi-strand reeving, alternating bending etc …). The large stitch length characterizing the TRSB2-EMRC model allows to keep stability between the cable grip and the support in the operating phase, including demanding scenarios. 

The loops spliced without pods provide flexibility passing through the pulleys. Click here to directly see all our EMRC TRSB2 references.

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