Elevator cable grip – double sleeve puller

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Maintenance des câbles d'ascenseur

Operation of elevator cable grips

reinforced double sleeve elevator cable grip for maintenance

The “TRMD-Elevator cable puller” accessory is intended for maintenance operations when changing elevator cables.

Once the TRMD-A assembly is mounted on the cables (one cable puller on the used cable + one cable puller on the new cable). Pulling the old cable, carried out mechanically, causes the new cable to pass through the entire kinematics by pulling.

2 meshes connected by 2 braids.

double mesh from elevator cable grip

Meshes are tightened (leg side) avoiding the cable passes through the mesh.

SWL: Safety Working Load with safety factor: 4

Load: Value corresponding to the weight (of the cable) between the ground and the first pulley of the kinematics, or the longest cable length in the mounting position.

Elevator cable rope assembly diagram with cable grip