Conduit lines

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Conduit line for cable pulling

Spools of high quality polyamide lead rope without welding or knots, which unwind from the outside.

Conduit lines / lead rope – 1000 to 2500 m

Polyamide lead rope – conduit lines (guaranteed without knots or welds).

Conduit lines / lead rope for cable pulling
GFIN000460 kg2500 mWhiteReel
GFIN0008100 kg1000 mWhite / BlackReel
GFIN0003100 kg2500 mWhite / BlackReel
GFIN0006175 kg2500 mWhite / RedReel
GFIN0002210 kg1100 mWhite / RedReel
GFIN0007300 kg1000 mWhite / BlueReel
GFIN0005300 kg2500 mWhite / BlueReel