Work site tents

Discover our different construction site tents that serve as short-term shelters for your equipment, against the vagaries of the weather such as rain, snow or even wind. Ideal, easy and quick to install, of good quality, they allow your teams to work in a protected manner despite bad weather.

Economical tent

Tent characteristics :

  • Aluminum tube armature
  • Tent fabric SF30
  • Coating PVC 600g
  • Closing with eyelets and plastic deck plates
Economical work site tent
ReferenceTypeH (M)L (M)l (M)Weight (kg)
255 330 999Economical tent1,421,4518,00

Adjustable tent 0 to 3 meters

Tent characteristics :

  • Width adjustable armature up to 3 meters
  • Adjustment bolts for the base gap
  • Armature put together by goupille Béta
  • Translucent tent fabric with red strips
  • Zipper strong stitch (brass)
  • Fixocables to maintain the tent fabric on the armature
0 to 3 meters adjustable site tent for cable pulling
ReferenceTypeH (M)L (M)l (M)Weight (kg)
255 330 998Adjustable tent1,37 à 2< 30 à 3,0532,00

Square tent

Tent characteristics :

  • Fast installation
  • Fiberglass unbreakable armature
Blue and white square site tent
ReferenceTypeH (M)L (M)l (M)Weight (kg)
255 331 007Square tent1,951,751,7513,00