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Gattegno high quality cable grips

Gattegno cable grips: suitable to your needs

The GATTEGNO cable grips are fast and ergonomic solution to pull, support and / or secure materials in various shapes, such as cylindrical, like cables (electrical, mechanical, etc.), hoses (hydraulic, pneumatic etc.) and any other medium, and at any diameter. 

The breakdown of subjects offered as galvanized steel, STAINLESS steel or polyamide, can offer the right product whatever the requirement specifications.

Quality Chart of our production – Certifications

hand holding a Gattegno cable grip

Cable grips are maintenance tools that should not be overlooked. As such, GATTEGNO creates its products from rigorous procedures, and with raw materials of high quality. Our cables comply fully with the standards in force (NFA 47200) while our internal specifications constantly improve, particularly in the domains of wiring, mechanical engineering and lubrication, which contribute to optimize our products.

The technologies developed by GATTEGNO allow the use of its cable grips in the best conditions of safety and efficiency. When applicable our products are reusable (under inspection conditions, see the page cable grips safety guidelines) and that, regardless of the material or model (except air cable grips).

We periodically test our cable grips to consolidate and verify our calculations and manufacturing procedures, in order to provide our customers the confidence to use a high-performance product. 

Our certificates of conformity will bring you information about our technical commitments to guarantee a pulling sock meets professional requirements related to the field of handling (minimum Rupture, diameter range, batch, etc.).