Securing flexibles: reduce the risk

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hydraulic flexible securizzation with cable grips

Cable grips for upkeep of flexibles

The decree No. 93-40 of 11 January 1993 relating in particular to securing flexibles, highlights the precautions and obligations to be taken into account in the implementation of this type of equipment. 

Cable grips models produced by GATTEGNO are designed and tested to help upkeep flexibles in operation and particularly in the case of “stall” or “break” of the connection head.  

They also allow – if case of flexible burst – to limit the projection of pieces. The “E” range of cable grips is therefore the appropriate response to security needs in this area.

Our wide range will help you find the right model for your needs (loop type, closed or open mesh, steel type, etc.). Visit our online catalog.

Pulling Standard cable grip with ferrules for Flexible hoses

cable grip for flexible hoses

Pulling Standard cable grip with ferrules for Flexible hoses.

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