Control instrument for pulling aerial cable

Control instruments - Pull aerial cables - Gattegno

Mechanical dynamometers

Control instrument - Omac C40

Mechanical dynamometer type DIN10 for measuring traction forces. Based on an elastic steel cell, particularly resistant to heavy stresses. Dial diameter: 300 mm. Manual zero-regulation (tare). Working temperature range: -30 to +60 °C. Accuracy: ±1% of full scale value. Overload: up to 180% of full scale value. Fittings: pad-eye at top and hook at bottom. Safety factor 5.


IMAX - Index of max.

Dynamometer - Omac C40




Control instrument - Omac C40.4

Mechanical dynamometer type DIN13 with built-in dampener. Dial diameter: 200 mm. Manual regulation of zero (tare). Overload protection up to 180% over the full scale value. Working temperature range: -30 to +60 °C. Accuracy: ±1% of full scale value. Fittings for omega shackles. Safety factor5.


IMAX - Index of max

GRO - Omega shackles

GAS - Hinged hook with connection for shackles

Dynamometer - Omac C40.4




Control instrument - Omac C41

Double spring dynamometer. Capacities: 500, 1000, 1500, 2000 daN.

Dynamometer - Omac C41




Digital dynamometers

Control instrument - Omac C43.1

High accuracy digital electronic dynamometer with steel load cell. Mechanical resistance of the cell to overloads up to 200% over the full scale value. Safety factor upper than 5. Rechargeable battery (autonomy of 180 hours circa) with external battery charger. 5-digit 25 mm liquid crystal display (except mod. C43.1.250 which has 4-digit 35 mm display) . Working temperature range: -5 to +55 °C. Accuracy: ±0,1% of full scale value. Digital calibration of zero and weight. Digital filter selection for attenuating the weight oscillations. Peak function that holds the max value reached. Selection of the measuring unit (kg, N or Lb). Supplied with box.


O1 -High-resistance eyebolts.

O3 -Remote control to zero the tare.

O4 -Data transmission system to send the data to a separate display.

Dynamometer - Omac C43.1




Control instrument - Omac C43.4

High precision digital electronic dynamometer. Tare zeroing and weight restore. Locking/unlocking of the displayed weight. Peak holding function. Visualization of gross, net and tare weights. Selection of the measuring unit (kg, t, ton, Lbs, kN). Selection of the speed of reading. Auto power-off enabling function. Calibration of zero and weight. Accuracy: ±0,15% of full scale value. Working temperature range: -10 to +55 °C. Max overload admitted: 200% of full scale value. Protection factor: IP65. 5-digit 17 mm display. Power supply: 9 V with standard battery. Autonomy: 200 hours circa.


O1 -No. 1 pair of high-resistance eyebolts.

O2 -No. 2 sets of spare batteries.

Dynamometer - Omac C43.4




Metercounter, sag-scope and thermometers for conductors

Control instrument - Omac F77

Device for measuring the length of ropes and cables. Measuring wheel made of steel. Idle wheels made of aluminum or nylon. Fit for ropes with diameter up to 50 mm. Dimensions: A x B x C = 430 x 370 x 255 mm; D = 70 mm Mass: 5,5 kg

Metercounter - Omac F77




Control instrument - Omac C120

Sagging scope for conductors, complete with fittings for tower legs. Supplied with protective case. Dimensions: 400 x 300 x 180 mm. Weight: 12 kg


001 - Device for anchorage on round poles up to 600 mm diameter.

002 - Stadia for easier and more precise sagging operation. Equipped with level for horizontal alignment. Supplied with case.

Metercounter - Omac C120




Control instrument - Omac F196.A

Thermometer for conductors, made up of a bulb shaped and dimensioned like a conductor. Column reading, scale in Celsius degrees (°C). length 600 mm, weight 0,5 to 1 kg. NOTE: in order, please specify the diameter of the conductor. Supplied with case.

Control instrument - Omac F196.C

Thermometer for conductors. The dial diameter 80 mm, with sensor incorporated, can be fixed easily on the conductor by means of its elastic clamp. Double scale (°C and °F). Supplied with case.

Thermometers - Omac F196.C et Omac F196.A