Cable grip selection and assembly procedure

How to correctly chose and assemble your cable grip

Cable grips are effective handling tool, which allow to secure an installation in operation or maintenance phase; therefore we draw your attention to the points mentioned below, in order for you to select the right product.

How to choose a cable grip

The intended usage domain of a cable grip is essential to determine the most appropriate model:

  • Pulling electrical cables, raw cables, crane or bridge cables.
  • Anchoring or support of an isolated cable.
  • Anchoring of flexible or hydraulic hoses.

The choice of a cable grip must be accomplished according to the following criteria:

  • Identify the outer diameter of the cable or flexible.
  • Identify the outer cover material of the cable or flexible.
  • Identify the external diameter of the cable or flexible.
  • Identify the load to pull or support.
  • Identify whether the cable grip is on the front or the middle of the cable or flexible.
  • Verify the accessibility in front of the cable or flexible

Mounting procedure

The medium: mechanical cables, electrical cables, flexibles, etc...

  • The equipment shall not be damaged and shall be positioned as straight as possible during assembly
  • The surface must be cleaned and degreased.
  • Les tire-câbles GATTEGNO (hors modèle à lacet) se glissent le long du support, après les avoir comprimés.
  • Une fois le travail effectué,  ils peuvent se retirer par simple compression.

Step 1: assembly


Step 2: disassembly